Sql join parameter optional server output

I have a stored procedure that has a bunch of input and output parameters because it is Inserting values to multiple tables. In some cases the stored proc only inserts to a single table (depending on the input parameters). For INPUT parameters Optional Parameter in SQL Functions. In a practical Scenario I am facing one problem.

I mean to say Parameter should be optional. So The Syntax of the Function to be changed. I tried up to my knowledge. But I could not get it. Your suggestions are please welcome. Thanks, Vasu. The stored procedure returns all the records matching the values of the parameters. You want the parameters be optional, which means skipping the parameter if you do not pass a value.T-SQL does not provide optional parameters, but you can implement one.1.

You have original stored procedure2. Add IS NULL optional output parameter sql server join your WHERE clause4. Now you have optional parameters in the stored procedure5. If you specify the OUTPUT keyword for a parameter in the procedure definition, the stored procedure can return the current value of the parameter to the calling program when the stored procedure exits. To save the value of the parameter in a variable that can be used in the calling program, the calling program must use the OUTPUT keyword when executing the stored procedure.

The following example shows a stored procedure with an input and an output parameter. You can create a stored procedure with optional parameters by specifying a default value for optional parameters.

Optional output parameter sql server join

Optional output parameter sql server join