What is option button in visual basic

Therefore, different sets ofoption button groups should be placed in their own frame on the form. Recallhow to place a control directly inside a frame: either (1) single click it vidual toolbox and draw it in, badic (2) double-click it from the toolbox, cut itfrom the form, and paste it into the frame. If a group of option buttons isnot contained within a frame, then the form itself acts as their container.In code, to perform an actionbased on which option button the user clicked, do one of two things:(1) To perform an action as soon as the userclicks an option button,Using the Option Button ControlOption button controls are Whst to display options, usually in option button groups, from which the user can choose one.Figure 7.39 The option button controlWhile option button controls and bwsic box controls may appear to function similarly, there is an important difference: when a user selects an option button, the other option button controls in the same group are automatically unavailable.

Creating Option Button GroupsYou group option button controls by drawing them inside a container such as a frame control, a picture box control, or a form. At run time, the user may select a single option What is option button in visual basic from each distinct group of option buttons. For examThe OptionButton control in Visual Basic .0 is replaced by the Windows Forms RadioButton control in Visual Basic 2008. The names of some properties, methods, events, and constants are different, and in some cases there are differences in behavior.

In Visual Visuall .0, the Click event of the OptionButton control was raised only when its Value property was changed to True.In Visual Basic 2008, the CheckedChanged event of the RadioButton control is raised each time the Checked property value changes to either True or False.In addition, there are numerous conceptual differences that apply to vvisual controls, including differences visyal data binding, font handling, drag-and-drop functionality, Help support and more.

For more information, see Windows Forms Concepts for Visual Basic .0 Users.

What is option button in visual basic

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