Sqsh output options workbook

In this post I would like to discuss about a nifty utility that can run sqsh output options workbook a Linux server and connect to the SQLserver DB to connect and execute the SQL. Like output as HTML or and SPread Sheet. With the DB tool sqsh, I want to get the column names and the data tab delimited.The bcp option does not include the column names.The csv option includes the column names, but uses comma as the separate (doh).

Normally you may copy each worksheet and paste to new workbook. But here we bring you some handy tricks to deal with it:Export and save worksheets as new workbook with Move or Copy commandExport and save worksheets as new workbook with VBA codeExport and save worksheets as new workbookexpression. Open( FileName, UpdateLinks, ReadOnly, Format, Password, WriteResPassword, IgnoreReadOnlyRecommended, Origin, Delimiter, Editable, Notify, Converter, AddToMru, Local, CorruptLoad)expressionA variable that represents a Workbooks object.

Parameters. If this argument is omitted, the user is prompted to specify how links will be updated. For more information about the values used by this parameter, see the Remarks section. The Workbook object is a member of the Workbookscollection. The Workbooks collection contains all the Workbook objects currently open in Microsoft Excel. The following example activates workbook one. Workbooks(1).ActivateThe index number denotes the order in which the workbooks were opened or created. Workbooks(1) is the first workbook created, and Workbooks(Workbooks.Count) is the last one created.

All workbooks are included in the index count, even if t.

Sqsh workbook options output

Sqsh output options workbook