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SEE OUR TRADING SYSTEMSComputer and Monitor Array Bundlesfor Private Traders and HedgefundsBROKER REIMBURSEMENT FOR YOUR TRADING COMPUTERSOur customers have the opportunity to get a 100% refund for their Falcon Computers and Systems (computer, monitors, andaccessories) when they open a new account at a participating broker. These brokers will give forum for forex trading laptop a 20% discount on their fees untilthe reimbursement is complete.

Choosing the Right Laptop for TradingBy LawrenceIt can be confusing when we go out there looking for the right laptop that is suitable for daytrading. I am going to point out several features that are more important for daytrading purpose.Update: For those of you interested in buying a new Desktop computer, you can check out Choosing the Right Computer for Trading32-bit vs 4-bit CPUGo with 4-bit CPU.32-bit ones are outdated and will not save you a lot of money unless you are going for a 2nd hand model.Multiple Core vs Raw SpeedBoth are driving factors of higher price.

Cheers, Luzbay. Obviously this depending on your trading style. I am using a laptop and faced no problem with 4 pairs on Forum for forex trading laptop with a couple of indicators.I do agree that you will need a desktop workstation with multiple screens if you are working with multiple pairs and each pair has quite a few indicators power up the screen like a carnival.

To start viewing threads,select the forum that you want to visit from the selection below. Read about members in the Introduce Yourself forum, or make your way to Newbie Island. Please Write down all your system ( hardware ) laptops and destops and specifications on them if you can and specify why you feel comfortable with them, i see there was no thread on hardware used so thought to add it so that it might be valuable to newbies trying to buy new hardware starting into trading ( Pro traders views welcomed plz)my views - i am using lenovo X300 runs pretty wel.

Forum forex laptop trading for

Forum for forex trading laptop