Trading diamond global digger station

Diamonds are so lucrative for predatory governmentsand marauding rebels that war has become a useful cover for hugely profitablesmuggling enterprises. For millions of Africans who happen to get in the way,diamonds are agents of terror.The rough stone emergesfrom the African soil at fortress-like mines in the war zones of Angola or straightfrom the muck of a dammed-up river in Congo. We stock over 140,000 parts throughout our four locations in the United States and Canada.

With an inventory of over 140,000 parts, we are a leader in the heavy equipment parts industry throughout the United States and Canada. We specialize in excavator, wheel loader, bulldozer, and articulated truck parts.Search our new and used parts using the search tool above, or click on the component or machine to the left for more information.

Search the used equipment we have available for sale, or locate the equipment we are looking to purchase by clicking on the global trading station diamond digger link to the left. The Paris climate change agreement represented a change in mindset when it comes to carbon emissions and electricity generations. 195 countries, including the US and China, signed the agreement to reduce emissions to less than 2 degrees.

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Global trading station diamond digger

Global trading station diamond digger