Trading vendors platform of list

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Market growth for trading platforms will switch to emerging markets and midtier institutions. We strive to produce innovative solutions and offer services that meet ever evolving needs of our customers. Our main focus is development of quality software components for our flagship product - broker-neutral. Read More. Our unrivalled set of mission-critical products and seRevolutionary. That pretty much describes the data analysis time in which we live.

Businesses grapple with huge quantities and varieties of data on one hand, and ever-faster expectations for analysis on the other. The vendor community is responding by providing highly distributed architectures and new levels of memory and processing power. Upstarts also exploit the open-source licensing model, which is not new, but is increasingly accepted and even sought out by data-management professionals.Apache Hadoop, a nine-year-old open-source data-processing platform first used by Internet giants including Yahoo and Facebook, leads the big-data revolution.

Cloudera introduced commercial support for enterprises in 2008, and MapR and Hortonworks piled on list of trading platform vendors 2009 and 2011, respectively. Among data-management incumbents, IBM and EMC-spinout Pivotal each has introduced its own Hadoop distribution. You can test.

List of trading platform vendors

Trading vendors platform of list