Plus iphone news bad for 6

Is there any suggestion for carrying the battery. Should i sta. moreYou can start charge when battery indicator shows below than 20% to avoid battery damage. bad news for iphone 6 plus Should i start charging when the indicI bought a really expensive phone last week. I chose the big one. Bad news for iphone 6 plus so many bad decisions, I made this one at 3AM in my underpants.On Friday evening, the colossus arrived.

She held the slab to her cheek, as if to make a call, and half her head disappeared behind a wall of space gray. Making excuses isIt might come as a shock, but Apple plans to launch new iPhones in 2015. Crazy, we know. Areas that are often the focus for improvements include display quality, speed, design and camera performance.This year, rumors are painting a pretty great picture of the iPhone s and iPhone s PlusThe Good The big battery provides long life, and the 5.5-inch screen is not only big but bright and high-contrast.

Optical image stabilization improves low-light photography.The Bad The big footprint may not be for everybody, and the overall design is less distinctive than previous iPhones.The Bottom Line The iPhone Plus is an outstanding choice for those with big budgets and big pockets, but power users seeking even more flexibility should audition the Galaxy Note 4 as well. My friend, who was hosting the small gathering of six guys, was proud to reveal his latest toy, the 5.5 inch screen iPhone Plus.For anyone living under a rock, this past Friday, Apple released the iPhone and Plus, their largest and latest successor in the ever-growing family of the iPhone series.

This software comes preinstalled on the new phones, and owners of AppleThe big new iPhone Plus could be huge for business users. It also features long battery life, blazing-fast performance and genuinely innovative software features that make the big screen easier to use. Your device could be on borrowed time.Third party iPhone repair specialists in the United States are reporting an increasing incidence of malfunctioning iPhone and Plus models featuring the same grey flickering bars at the top of the screen and an unresponsive or intermittently responsive touch screen.

Australia not enforcing US carry-on banThe federal government has said that it will not be adopting a ban on any electronic device larger than a smartphone, in carry-on luggage on commercial flights from certain middle eastern countries, after both the US and the UK announced the new law. Vision: ABC News 24. Climate change denial like anti-vaccination: SinodinosSaying that science and innovation are required to combat these views, Industry, Innovation and Science Minister Arthur Sinodinos told the.

Bad news for iphone 6 plus

Plus iphone news bad for 6