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Respected Gurus,I am a new entrant into the world ijdicator SAP.I have lots of querries.Here I am starting with one of them.What does USAGE mean in the ITEM CATAGORY determination in a sales documment.Could somebody spa bit clearly.Thanks in advanceSatya. Order AES - Qtn from Serv. Order AFC - Configuration AFN - Inquiry Item AFNN - Free of Charge Indicatpr AFTX - Text Item AFX - Inquiry Item AGC - Mat.Level AGE - Service Quotation AGMCan someone clarify me on, where (which master) is the usage indicator is generally maintained so that the same can be used for the item category determination.

It is determined based on certain events, for example production selection, free goods or sourcing from APO. I know that item usage can be defined in IMG and further used in determination settings for item category. If you want an item in a Sales BOM to be free you can configure yPrerequisitesWhen you create a delivery, the system determines the item category for an item according to settings in the item category determination table for the delivery type, item category group, item usage, and higher level item.In product selection, you choose the item category usage based on the outcome that you specify in thereason for substitution, eitherAorB.

There are two usages available for delivery document main and sub-items:Item Category Usage. ProceduresMake new entries for the appropriate document type and usage indicator for the outcome that you have specified. To assign categories, perform the Customizing activityLogistics ExecutionShippingDeliveriesDefine item category determination in deliveries(transaction0184).To sap item category usage indicator forex themain item category.

I think, Usage can only be defined and It cannot be determined. For example,we will choose item category group in material master data,so we can use sales order type and item category group to determine a item category but when using item usage,if it is not assigned to anywhere.In my understanding, it has no meaning.Could anyone help me.

Sap item category usage indicator forex

Sap item category usage indicator forex