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Your Destination for Free Forex Charts.Welcome to the premier resource for all of your forex chart needs. No matter what your experience level, we will exsy you in tune with the market and help you on your way to becoming a successful trader. If you are an experienced trader already, here you will have the opportunity to rediscover some of the fascinating properties of forex trading charts, refreshing your grasp of the subject, and perhaps even acquiring some new insights along the way.

Forex Charts powered by All Currency Pair ChartsOur extensive forex charts section covers the nine most popular currency pairs. Every symbol page contains a real time live chart with historical data on all the most useful frequencies. We also analyze the pair and tell you about the characteristics and how to trade it. easy free forex charts Advanced live charts for forex trading are free and easy-to-use at ForexLive.

These real-time charting packages let you apply technical analysis to hundreds of FX pairs. The charts update live and and default to candlestick charts to help you trade foreign exchange. Use the live trading charts along with news and education to trade on currencies like the euro, yen and US dollar. Your most important technical tool is the trading chart. See live tradable prices, historical charst data and highs and lows in a customisable format.

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Industry Leading Affiliate System and RatesOur suite of powerful affiliate tools is available to exsy registered member to refer other traders up to 3 tiers deep and earn up to 17.5% commission while providing advanced tracking and analytics on client and traffic flow. High Risk Warning: Forex, Futures, and Options trading has large potential rewards, but alsoContinuation of our deleted thread. I hope we all can learn something hereThese are my rules:1) Simple charts - only Stochastics indicator (8,3,3), daily candles.

In the Stoch window, lines at 40 and levels. fere Moving average (exponential) 100. That is it, nothing else.2) Buy - price ends the day candle above the MA (always wait for the easy free forex charts to close). The Stoch lines cross under the level (the faster Stoch line crosses the slow from underneath) - this can happen one thing after another. So fere is OK if the Stoch lines cross, the price is under the MA and easy free forex charts finishes another day above the MA - on the next day open I go long.

Or the price is above the MA and then the Stoch lines cross. It also presents a vast range of technical indicators (over 70) as Linear Regression, CCI, ADX and many more. You can detach the chart and see it full screen. Before electronic trading became commonplace currency trading was accessible only to fotex financial institutions, corporations, banks, hedge funds and extremely wealthy individuals.

Online forex trading never sleeps and goes on all around the world 24 hours per day, 5 days a week.Forex market is more of a speculative market, with no physical exchange of currencies ever taking.

Free easy charts forex

Easy free forex charts