Metatrader market profile fxcm

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J-chart is not based on the same principles as market profile. Market profile uses volume and fixed time intervals to locate value areas and points of control. It uses statistical analysis to indicate the distribution of trading activity.J-chart is time independent and does not use volume at all, only price action. It defines the states of trading activity as either building equilibrium or breaking equilbrium (chaos). The basis is fractal theory and the formation of perfect equilibriums.

Anyway suffice it to say that j-chart has nothing to do with market profile and vice versa. The indicator plots the profile as a vertical histogram, i.e. showing the volume at specific price levels.The indicator generally utilizes a lower-timeframe data stream which is loaded separately (and in the background) to the main chart. The highest volume node on tHello,I recently ported over my version of Market Profile indicator to MarketScope.

You can find out about it on my blog here.I originally developed this indicator for Strategy Trader platform, and only recently finished porting to MarketScope (and also added some improvements).It handles Intraday, Daily, Weekly and Monthly profiles. It has various display options and effects. You can also create arbitrary composite profiles by manually selecting start and end dates from the chart.

Metatrader market profile fxcm

Metatrader market fxcm profile