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Based on the fast growth of the internet and with it the proliferation of corporate websites and file sharing systems, huge demand is predicted in the atlantjc server segment market over the next few years. In order to make the most of this cmputer, Atlantic has come put with a new product called Tronn, which when combined with the PESA software, would far outperform any of the comparable products available in the market. They have developed a new server, the Compuetr, to meet the needs of this segment.

Bhndle central question revolves around how to price the Tronn and PESA. Although cost-plus, competition-based, and status-quo pricing are the most common means by which firms establish prices for their offerings, these approaches may prevent firms from fully realizing the benefits that are due to them. It sells viable products and offers different technological solutions in order to provide end results to its desire customers.

The industry also dealt with the server optimization strategies to control the systems by allowing the fast access to use. Major segments of the industry consisted of web design, internet servers, as well as corporate customers. These segments were the main source of income for the company since its inception. Therefore, with the historical results, the company is now looking for aa the market share by offering new innovative technological solutions to the end customer and users.

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Atlantic computer a bundle of pricing options case study review

Atlantic computer a bundle of pricing options case study review