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The same could be said about investors. India may look like a small dot to someone in the U.S., but upon closer inspection, you will find the same things you would expect from any promising market. It may not necessarily be correct and is not intended to be taken as financial advice nor has it been prepared with regard to the individual investment needs and objectives or financial situation of any particular person.

The word Sensex comes from sensitive index.The Sensex captures the increase or decrease in pWith the increase in number of stock broker, stock trading terms in india have a lot of option to choose from, but still it is not easy to choose. You need to be sure of what is that you want. Most of the discount brokers charges between Rs 15 to Rs 30 per trade irrespective of the trade volume.

So if you are going to trade multiple times a month, go for a discount broker rather than a full service one. An equity share, commonly referred to as ordinary share also represents the form of fractional or part ownership in which a shareholder, as a fractional owner, undertakes the maximum entrepreneurial risk associated with a business venture. Examples of above the market orders include: a limit order to sell, a stop order to buy, or a stop-limit order to buy.This is a strategy that is often used by momentum traders.

For example, a stop order would be placed above the resistance level to buy. It is calculated by taking the absolute value of the difference between the number of advancing issues and the number of declining issues. EPS stands for earnings per share, while OTC is an abbreviation for over the counter.

Stock trading terms in india

Stock trading terms in india